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Owners of Shalom Grill buy Elat Burger

As of November 7th 2017, Elat Burger has been sold to Shalom Grill Corp.

Everything on the current menu has remained the same, except Shalom Grill is planning on cleaning the place and making it a more hip restaurant for crowds to enjoy their food in. Burgers, Kabob, and Shawarma will be the most popular items on their menu, and will cater to many in the Pico area.

This hip, new restaurant will maintain its kosher supervision by RCC, and will be open late for the young crowd. From the creators of Shalom Pizza, Shalom Grill will have up to date technology that will allow customers to track their orders online, and get a text update when their food is ready for pickup. Additionally, customers will be able to keep their credit card on file, and have their food brought to them through the drive thru in the parking lot area.

Over the course of the next few months, customers will be seeing many upgrades to the restaurants interior and exteriors, as well as optimizations to the recipe and quality of the food being served there.

One final (and big) difference about the change in ownership you will be noticing is the customer service. Shalom Grill will strive to have the best customer service and positive - laid-back - environment than any other kosher restaurant on Pico Blvd.

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